100 billion humans before us built the ubiquity in food, water, shelter, electricity, education, healthcare, and civil society. I disseminate media to permanently AWAKEN humanity.

We each get 30,000 days to live. 2.5 billion heart beats. Every second counts. How can we accelerate the full creative potential of every mind?

Video: Know Thyself But Thyself is an Illusion

It’s a miracle that humans evolved on this 8,000 mile wide rock, orbiting a star 93 million miles away that POWERS life on Earth. How do we balance the We Are One mentality with geopolitical leadership?

We face an inflection point of exponential technology impacting 8 billion human animals. We need to update society’s code...

Our tech has evolved, but our hearts haven’t felt. The deeper you connect to Earth, the more you understand.




I interview the greatest minds of our time as a well-rounded interlocutor covering the world’s most pressing topics with a focus on stewardship for Earth & synthesis of multidisciplinary knowledge.




Simulation interviews the greatest minds & synthesizes science + spirituality. Universe design is the best sport 🌎

We aim to permanently AWAKEN humanity to its collective union with evolution, create the world’s largest open knowledge database, and provide equal degrees of economic freedom for everyone to self-actualize.

None of our content will ever be paywalled. We plan to fill sports stadiums with curious intellectuals, build creative studios, and execute the next generation of planetary architectures that maximize collective flourishing.

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  • Hosted a Science Comedy game show called Eureka! in San Francisco

  • Produced a two-day festival called Worlds Fair Nano in New York City & San Francisco

  • Campaign points for Saakyan 2028


  • Quit my 9-5 to ask random people on the streets of San Francisco thought-provoking questions for a project called Practice Happy

Volunteer / Mentor

  • FIRST Robotics Inspiring young people to be science & technology leaders through mentor-based programs

  • Founder Institute Helping entrepreneurs execute through the premier pre-seed accelerator

  • IndieBio Transforming scientists into entrepreneurs at the world’s leading life sciences accelerator

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  1. What is the deepest emotion you've ever felt?

  2. What makes you feel most alive?

  3. What is consciousness? What is time?

  4. How do we agree on universal ethics?

  5. How do we maximize human potential?

  6. How do we program benevolent AI?

  7. Are we alone in the cosmos?

  8. Are we in a simulation?

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