100 Billion people


Can you believe that over 100 billion people have lived and died before us today to build this beautiful world we now live in? As you read this, know that we're just 7.5% of all the people that have ever existed.

The other 92.5 billion people built the homes, schools, hospitals, governments, economies, and the ubiquity we now have in water, food, and leisure. We're not farming, we're on Twitter. 

A cheers to all those who stunned humanity by creating what seemed to be magic back then. Electricity, cars, planes, antibiotics, computers, rockets, the internet, all tremendously advancing civilization with a rarely documented drop of gratitude from those that use it today.

It takes hours to travel distances that used to take months, seconds to communicate with someone that used to take weeks, and here we are on this pale blue dot looking up at the cosmos wondering what's next. 

My life has become a quest. How can we see ourselves in the mirror to help us better understand who we truly are and where we are going?




I speak globally on a variety of the world’s most pressing topics with a focus on stewardship for Earth & synthesis of multidisciplinary knowledge.




Our production studio asks thought-provoking questions to the greatest minds on the planet. We host a vodcast from our recording studio, produce live events, and are making several products into our world.



  1. What is the deepest emotion you've ever felt?

  2. What makes you feel most alive?

  3. What is consciousness? What is time?

  4. How do we agree on universal ethics?

  5. How do we maximize human potential?

  6. How do we program benevolent AI?

  7. Are we alone in the cosmos?

  8. Are we in a simulation?


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