I've been involved with politics my entire life.

It all started when I worked as an assistant to over a dozen politicians throughout high school. I served as a page at the House of Representatives in South Dakota and was president of the TeenAge Republicans club at my high school.

Little did I know moving to Minneapolis would be more than a slight shift in perspective... 

I quickly found myself surrounded with diverse people that became some of my best friends. As my mind was expanded to new perspectives, I stopped attending college Republicans to attend entrepreneurship club.

After moving to San Francisco to execute my goals, I started working within social offices to solve some of humanity's most challenging problems.

Most recently I have found myself as a maverick, a freethinker, doing my best to help people across the world make some sort of semi-reliable communal sense of how to best move forward.

Wide-ranging learning, coupled with analyzing thousands of different perspectives, leads to unique critical thought patterns which I believe are exactly what our world needs to come together and prosper. 

In 2028 I turn 36 years old, so I plan on running for president in 2027, pending our democratic election process stays similarly structured. See below for the rough outline of our campaign points.

Saakyan 2028 campaign points  

  1. World Peace. Without sacrificing capitalism and innovation.

  2. STEAM. Get the world passionate about Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics.

  3. Meditation/Spirituality. Get the world communing with the divine.

  4. Eradicate Suffering. Drastically raise the baseline for all beings.

  5. Colonize Cosmos. Spread the seed of consciousness and become an interstellar civilization.