After 25 orbits around our star, the most profound thing I’ve learned is that there have been over 4.5 billion orbits before mine with over 100 billion people that have lived and died before me to build this beautiful world we all live in today.

We are made of the most abundant elements in the universe, lucky to have evolved in a star’s habitable zone and been gifted consciousness, enabling us to eradicate suffering, maximize flourishing, and have a fuckload of fun while we do it.

The ubiquity in clean water, food, energy, education, and healthcare is mind-blowing and continues to inspire us to improve the quality of live for everyone.

I am fanatic about bringing thought-provoking conversation, world peace, and sustainable interstellar colonization to our civilization, which is why on days like my birthday, you can catch me helping produce TEDxSF, because there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing than my mission.